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"Everything is Possible"​

21st December 2014

The Winter Solstice gave us a chance to slow everything down and de-stress in preparation for the Christmas festivities. We did this by having a Yin Yoga session and a long meditation using mala beads. Afterwards we enjoyed mulled wine and mince pies and hoped we could keep the serenity we left with.

28th September 2014

The Autumn Equinox workshop was a great experience and very challenging, but as you know I believe that everything is possible - and thus it was! Beginning with listening and meditating on the Gate, Gate, Paragate mantra before moving on to some intensive vinyasas. Our reward at the end (not that we needed one!) was some homemade pumpkin soup, bread rolls and toasted pumpkin seeds.

May 11th 2014

On Sunday 11th May we held another Kundalini workshop at the studio. This well attended event was another enlightening experience, shared with like- minded individuals. Well done to you all for working to your maximum! It was lovely to hear your thoughts afterwards (over tea and ‘that’ Chocolate cake!) and for me to share some of the yoga philosophy that underpins my life.

April Kundalini Workshop 2014

On Sunday 6 April we held a Kundalini Yoga session in the studio. An over-subscribed event, so when we repeat this, first preference will go to those who missed out this time!Thank you all so much for gracing me with your presence, in accordance with tradition we all dressed in white and spent just under two hours experiencing a vitality sequence designed with the solar plexus chakra in mind. Kundalini is very different to our usual yoga sessions; the postures are more fluid and repetitive – well done to those who managed the 54 Cobra lifts! It is also a very meditative experience and sharing this with like-minded people in the ethereal atmosphere of the studio just further enhanced this.