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"Everything is Possible"​


"I love attending Julie's yoga classes and can see and feel the benefits both physically and mentally for days afterwards. Julie's gentle, supportive and very meaningful style of conducting her classes always makes me feel relaxed and connected with my energy; she empowers you to listen to your body and shows care and consideration to you as a being to adapt the movements to support how your body is feeling then and there. Thank you Julie, you are a beautiful light and person to know."

Emily, Bexley.

"I have only recently started yoga and the classes are great. My Mum and I both go to the same class and it is a lovely activity to do with someone who you love. We go to the Saturday classes and it really is a fantastic way to start the weekend. It starts the day with a burst of energy and it meant that I could enjoy the weekend by feeling relaxed. I could feel my body improving with flexibility and stamina over the weeks and I instantly feel the benefits of the meditation at the end of the class. Julie is a brilliant teacher who caters for all kinds of ability. She explains what the moves do, what they improve and most importantly, what they mean. Julie really does have the spirit of yoga and I love her classes!"

Alice, Farningham.

“Julie's yoga classes are engaging, peaceful and energetic. She has a calming and serene presence which is contagious. There is a light hearted atmosphere, but with full focus and concentration on everyone achieving and benefitting from the sessions. I miss them when I am unable to attend. I have been a part of her class for the past 5 years and encourage everyone to join in, no matter their skill level. Everyone is made welcome. I have found my perfect teacher.”

Lenna, Darenth.

“I always feel so much better mentally and physically after Julie’s classes, I am always given just what I need. I always enjoy Julie's classes as you never know what to expect so one can just be.”

Janet, Dartford.

“I would like to say that during my classes I found that you gave me inner peace, which enabled me to take part in your lessons, free of the cares and worries of life. I was able to concentrate on just what you were asking us to do, giving myself completely over to Yoga, doing things which I had not thought that I would ever be able to do again at my age.

This was only possible because of you and the belief that you passed onto me.”

Diane, Hawley.

“I joined Julie's yoga classes at the age of 40 (almost a year ago). With every thanks to her, I'm progressing really well. Every posture is demonstrated and described so clearly, even a total beginner can participate under a caring, watchful eye. I enjoy the education, the relaxation and the more challenging classes more than I could have imagined. I'm only disappointed it took me so long to discover yoga!

I am very grateful to you for introducing me to your classes and sharing your wisdom.”

Lea, Hawley.

"We tried Yoga Jules' charity taster session 5 years ago with all the usual pre conceived ideas of a yoga class, what we instead found was an inspirational and passionate woman who has helped us tone and improve our bodies flexibility whilst giving us a positive mental outlook on life. We would recommend her classes to everyone."

Liz & Jo Sinclair, Cudham.

“Yoga has been my saving grace after a serious spinal injury 40 years ago. Not knowing if I would walk again. Yoga has kept me mobile all these years with a positive outlook, reaching mind, body and spirit.

Julie you are a great teacher and an inspiration to us all. I am looking forward to you returning to class after all your challenges.

Thanks for being you.”

Barbara, Gravesend

"As a chap with stiff joints and a dodgy back, I enjoy the classes as Julie has the patience to let me gradually move in and out of the right position and is very relaxed throughout. Julie also provides a few positions that work on improving my back, which is appreciated. I also enjoy the meditation phase at the end, which involves me lying down, closing my eyes and trying not to snore!! All in all a good way to spend 90 mins on a Saturday morning. " Royston, Knockholt.